Levac C96 Series

Description Levac C96

Industrial vacuum machine with removable bars. Trolley, completely in stainless steel. The Levac C96 vacuum packaging machine is characterized by a completely automatic packaging cycle and is equipped with a digital control panel.
Levac C96 has a microprocessor and 10 independent programs.
The Levac C96 is entirely made of stainless steel, including the vacuum chamber, and has all the internal corners rounded to facilitate cleaning operations.

Technical Data

Vacuum pump 106 mc/h
Mains voltage 400V - 50/60 Hz + 3ph + PE
Dimension 1100x790x1067h mm
Vacuum chamber 980 x 585 x 230h mm
Sealing bar 2 horizontal x 950 mm | 2 vertical x 555 mm | 1 horizontal 900 mm + 1 vertical 505 mm
Weight (kg) 250 Kg
Max bags Variable
Max. power consumption 2200 W


H2out standard
Sealing bar standard
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