The latest LT 4 MAP vacuum/gas thermosealers are ideal for vacuum packaging trays.

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, the machine offers the latest in design, performance and quality.

It can in fact create a vacuum level up to 99% and inject inert gas up to 100%.

The LT4 MAP thermosealer is ideal for large retail chains and shops selling fresh pasta, meat, etc. that need a machine that can quickly and conveniently create a modified atmosphere in a tray.

It is therefore a modern, innovative and cost-effective machine, equipped with a digital control panel with 10 independent programmes, allowing different vacuum and gas injection times for each programme, for complete and diversified management.
The various functions are controlled by a microprocessor which also features ultra-vacuum and ultra-gas functions.

The construction and component features used are those that have always characterized L’Erica products: extreme solidity, innovative technology and durability.
The machine complies with the most stringent national and international hygiene and safety standards.

Technical data

Bodywork: Stainless steel
Dimension: mm 530x704x1125h
Weight: kg 131
Vacuum pump: 25 mc/h
Supply Voltage : 230V – 50/60 Hz
Max absorbed power: 2850 W
Max tray size: 1/2 GN

Standard features

Vacuuum sensor
Digital panel
Gas Vacuum (MAP)
Braking reel-holder system

On request

Standard mould
Head and mould with own scrap cut